Sunday, May 6, 2007

Windows Vista Hotfix Release April - Mei 2007

Windows Vista users now have 18 additional fresh hotfixes ready for deployment from Microsoft. Released between April 16, and May 3, 2007 the hotfixes address a wide range of issues affecting -->

Windows Vista. While all such issues will be addressed with the first service pack for the operating system later this year, Microsoft is providing valid workarounds that will enable users to mitigate the problems immediately.
1. Windows Mail does not download newsgroup messages in some language versions of Windows Vista – Microsoft revealed that date and time formats in a select language versions of Windows Vista impact the way Windows Mail downloads and manages the metadata associate with newsgroup messages; (934560)
2. You cannot interact with certain tiles in Windows Mobility Center when you establish a Remote Desktop session to a mobile PC that is running Windows Vista – users will now be able to resolve an issue with the accessibility of certain tiles in Windows Mobility Center over a Remote Desktop connection to a Windows Vista mobile PC; (934553)
3. When you use Online Media in the Windows Media Center Extender on an Xbox 360 Video game system, Media Center closes – users experiencing this problem along with errors such as "Connection Terminated - The Xbox 360 has been disconnected because an application has launched UI unexpectedly. Would you like to reconnect?" should apply this hotfix; (934542)
4. You may be unable to type Chinese characters for the user name and for the computer name in the OOBE Wizard; in certain Chinese-language versions of Windows Vista - Chinese some characters cannot be entered into the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) Wizard; (935951)
5. The Windows Mobility Center program window unexpectedly maintains focus when you perform an action in another program – users that have problems taking Windows Mobility Center program window out of focus on mobile computers now also have a solution; (934554)
6. Error message when you try to upgrade to Windows Vista: "Go to programs and uninstall WindowBlinds"- all users have to do is remove the Stardock folder from their machines; (934558)
7. The Wireless Network tile is not displayed in Windows Mobility Center on a mobile PC that is running Windows Vista – this issue is generated by an unsupported network adapter that fails to integrate correctly with Windows Vista; (934555)
8. The Windows Vista desktop appears black after you enable the "Hide and disable all items on the desktop" policy setting or the "Disable all items" policy setting – for this problem Microsoft is not offering a workaround but an actual hotfix; (934008)
9. The Flight Simulator X game displays flickers and becomes corrupted on a Windows Vista-based computer that is connected to more than one monitor - not the end of the world, and Microsoft is delivering two updates for this; (933590)
10. Error message when you try to automatically install a printer that has an unknown printer driver in Windows Vista: "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005)" – the source of this issue is a Rundll32.exe process that does not function properly; (932206)
11. A high definition audio device may no longer work after you resume Windows Vista from hibernation or from sleep, and then you restart the computer – a hotfix is available for download; (934237)
12. Changes to a printer's device configuration are not applied until the computer restarts or the Print Spooler service restarts in Windows Vista – in Vista changes to the device configuration of a printer are not applied until the operating system is restarted; (933454)
13. The wrong system locale is installed when you run the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) Wizard on a Windows Vista-based computer – (934349)
14. An unattended installation of Windows Vista uses the Autounattend.xml file on the Windows Vista installation disc instead of the Autounattend.xml file on a USB flash drive – this happens because there are two Autounattend.xml files (answer files) for the unattended installation of the operating system; (933495)
15. Error message when you start Outlook 2007 in Windows Vista: ".pst file could not be opened" – there are a few reasons for this issue but also a workaround; (934545)
16. Access may stop responding when you open a remote database - Microsoft Office Access will stop responding when accessing a remote database that is opened on another Vista machine; (935366)
17. In Windows Vista, the address for a Web page may not be included when you use the Snipping Tool to capture a Windows Internet Explorer window - (934549)

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