Friday, April 20, 2007

Yodm 3D - 3D Desktop for Windows XP and Vista

To rotate the 3D desktop cube:CTRL+SHIFT+Left/Right = Swith to next or previous desktop. CTRL+SHIFT+Up = Activate Yod’m 3D and show a “far” or “wide-angle” view of the current desktop, and then press Left or Right to select turn the desktop cube. CTRL+SHIFT+Down = Activate and show a “near” or “tele-photo” view of the current desktop, and then press Left or Right to switch rotate the desktop. Hold down CTRL+SHIFT to use the mouse to turn and rotate the cube horizontally. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

To move a windows to another desktop (total of virtual 4 desktops):

1. Click and hold on the title bar of the window (not maximized if possible).

2. Press and hold on CTRL+SHIFT keys to activate the Yod’m 3D cube.

3. When the cube is activated, move the window to the left or right.4. Release CTRL+SHIFT keys.

To change the wallpaper of a desktop:

The wallpaper of each desktop (total of 4 virtual desktops available) can be changed by using Display Settings of Windows Vista or Windows XP.

To switch to another application immediately:

Click on the Yod’m 3D icon in the taskbar, the list of the windows opened in other desktop appear.

Then click on the application to switch to the desktop instantly.
Features of Yod’m 3D:

* Scroll arrow at the dockbar to manage shortcut icon.

* Transparent color for the title.

* Progress bar for thumbnails of copy, download and the loading of Internet explorer’s pages.

* Management of windows screenshot will avoid waiting for hanged application.

* Wallpaper for each virtual desktop.

* Background image support.

* Notification message if an application “flash” in the taskbar of another desktop.

* List of the windows of other virtual desktop in the menu accessible by clicking on taskbar icon.


*Windows XP/Vista*Graphic Card with DirectX 9 support


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