Thursday, April 12, 2007

Themes for Windows Vista

Thanks to portos for this thread with Themes for Windows Vista post in our forum.
For all the subjects you add for the seen Windows is necessary this:

1 - To extract the Subjects in .rar, and copy to: C:\Windows\Resources\Themes So that all the subjects you add for the Seen Windows they function:

1 - To make the Download of the Pack above,

2 - To extract with WinRar

3 - Start -> My Computer-> C:\ - > Windows-> Systeme32

4 - To look to the filing-cabinets shsvcs.dll, themeui.dll, uxtheme.dll , to give Administrative authorization, right Click on the filing-cabinet.

4.1 As to give administration to a filing-cabinet:

4.1.1 - Right Click with the Rat on the Filing-cabinet

4.1.2 - Properties

4.1.3 - Security

4.1.4 - Advanced

4.1.5 - Properties, of followed To edit and to choose “Administrators (xxx/Administrators)” and OK

4.1.6 - Permissions, to choose “Administrators (xxx/Administrators)”, To edit, again Editar and Click in Allowing Total Control, OK and coming back to the properties of the filing-cabinet.

4.1.7 - Idem

4.1.2 here click in “Administrators (xxx/Administrators)”

4.1.3 and To edit, to come back to select “Administrators (xxx/Administrators)” and OK.

4.1.4 - To leave the Properties

Renamea the filing-cabinets for shsvcs.old, themeui.old, uxtheme.old6 - To copy the filing-cabinets that if find in the Folder 6.0.6000.16386_XX_UXTHEME and paste in System

4.1.5 - To restart the PC

4.1.6 To go to the subjects and to choose the first Aero that appears there, therefore second is of origin

4.1.7 Et Voilá!

Download Themes:

( Sorry, no picture for a while ) Pic added soon. Sorry.

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