Monday, March 26, 2007

Final Version of Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Ultimate download

This is the final version of Vindows Vista.

Once envisioned as a minor upgrade to Windows XP, Windows Vista (formerly codenamed "Longhorn") first took on all-new importance in early 2002 when Microsoft decided to reach for the brass ring and make this upcoming Windows release an all-encompassing major upgrade with a new security architecture, a hardware 3D-enabled user interface, and many more exciting new features.

Virtually every Windows Vista product edition (with the exception of Starter) ships with both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions on the same DVD. Microsoft expects the computer buying public to switch to x64 during Vista's lifetime. There will not be an Itanium version of Windows Vista.

HTTP site download :

pass: whereisit


Anonymous said...

Yahooo! Yow, man where d hell r u now? It's me Chris. So, yer a pirate now, eh?

codename: 9core said...

Not really, just helping people who doesn't want to pay a Micro$oft thing. Begitulah...hahaha
lama gak ktmu, gmana kabarnya? mungkin bulan mei ada di mdo cuma 3 hari aja. Nanti kita ketemu christ...